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Meat Department at ShopRite of Williamstown, NJ

Jeffrey Rudolph – Meat

The Meat department at ShopRite of Williamstown provides our customers with the freshest cuts of poultry, beef, pork, veal and lamb options, all with our Zallie’s Supermarkets’ “Where Quality Comes First” commitment. Zallie’s Meat department offers over 50 different cuts of meat to accommodate a wide variety of entrees and dishes, including pre-marinated and pre-seasoned options, and “Zallie’s Own Signature” ready-to-eat meals. Need a special cut of meat or a larger quantity for an occasion? Visit us and speak with your local butcher. Also, check out our Zallie’s Supermarket site for suggested cooking methods and recipes.

Meat Department Manager: Jeffrey Rudolph

Meat Department Phone: (856) 728-5600, select Meat Department

Meat Department Hours: Every Day: 6:00am – 8:00pm